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Really great. I'd like to buy the full version, but can't find the place to do just that. It looks like subscribing on patreon is an option, but I'd just like to simply buy the game once at a flat price instead. Is that an option?

Suggestions :)  X0

You should add the feature to fuck Mizuki when you realize she's doing something to you in your bed .

Add a feature to drink water before bed so when she tries to bj you'd shoot pee and insert ahegao.

More possible ways you could fuck Mizuki while laying in her bed, like oral sex, anal and diff normal sex positions.

Add a detour option for the town trip event where you could have sex in a bust stop or the park or the pond.

More locations:

    like a kitchen where you could interact with grand mother whilst eating in           the dining table and Mizuki can either Footj you or bj under the table.

      The well, or the barn where you could fuck Mizuki and avoid to get caught          by your grandmother.

      Alley ways and isles in the store and store are where you could do public            sex.

More minigames too, like minigames in every room each that leads to an intimate scene :

      Like a rock paper scissors game in the bathroom to pick who should wash           each other's backs and you can touch her if you win and she'll touch you if         you lose.

      Pillow fight in your bed, where you need to dodge pillows using arrow keys        where you could pin her down at your bed after you win or Mizuki could             dry hump the pillow when you lose.

      Fast clicking games by the garden to kill insects and if you lose Mizuki will          get swarmed by insects and you need to help her accidentally groping her        and if you win it could initiate the garden walk event.

Sorry but my imagination just ran wildly.

I've been having a problem with Mizuki's name. For some reason it doesn't show up anywhere, it's just a blank space anywhere her name is supposed to be. 


Will you add the full release here or will it only be the demo?

Hello i can't click on the eye to see through the kotatsu any idea?

Reload the game if that doesn't help reinstall it. i had the same problem but it got fixed after i restarted the game.

i found a bug where if i go to the tree behind the house the game glitches and goes to a black screen and now i can't close the gam

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 its a great game  could you please made a second part of this

Could you implement a more easy way to save. I'd like to experiment with the different decisions without having to play the game from the beginning. Thanks

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will there be a public sex or ecchi scene

also thank you she's so Kawaii


Can someone tell me where to find the egg? I can't find it anywhere.

I can't find it too.

Hey! I loved and love your games, especially this one! but I have a question, I can't go past 4 hearts of affection, I remember buying the very third item of the store, it looks like some sort of... thread...? not certain, is that the gift I must give her? if so, how do I give it to her, exactly? thanks for reading!

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Maybe it's just me, but I don't understand the controls for the drinking game at all. I get how to enter bottle throwing mode, but no idea what I need to press when I get there.

try to experiment with right clicking and "c"


Where can I get the rotor?

Okay.. right right it been so busy i understand :<

Can you make it in Mobile Version please

Hiya :)

It could be possible in the future to make a mobile version, just not right now as I'm too busy working on another game.


Could you please make a walkthrough? - im having trouble unlocking some scenes


Here are some tips:

- During Drinking Contest wet Mizuki's clothes by throwing a bottle to her full glass in order to get her to excitement level 2. Then you can touch her under the kotatsu without triggering game over.

- Player can masturbate under the table as well as receive footjob if Mizuki is at excitement level 3.

- Make sure Mizuki is at excitement level 2 or above after the contest in order to trigger her masturbation scene in the bathroom.

- When pee bar fills trigger ecchi scenes by making sure Mizuki is at excitement level 2+.

- Mizuki will play with showerhead while taking a bath at Affect Hearts 2+.

- Player can sleep in Mizuki's bed at Affect Hearts 2+. Needs more to unlock all sleep interactions.

one more thing, I couldn't seem to get past four hearts, even though I filled the bar

There's a gift for her in the shop, not sure if it is in this version though.

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The game window is too big and can't be resized, so it's unplayable on my laptop (1366x768 screen). I just can't use the buttons in the bottom left. They also seem to overlap the movement buttons.

EDIT: Bottom right not bottom left.

Ah I'll patch that, thanks for the report!

In the meantime you could try full-screen mode (F12 key or setting in the main menu).

Works fine in full screen. Thanks mate.


Cool! Should be fixed now.